Hi, I am Germaine,

Welcome to my website selling home organising and storage solution products and products which will help ease the reality of living your life. You may be someone who is obsessed with getting and staying organised, everything in your house is in neat piles, color-coded and labelled, nothing you own is out of place – even your husband knows where to put his used towel and laundry.

Or you are someone who feels overwhelmed by a messy drawer, closet, room or your entire house and life feels out of control. You fear to open the linen closet because everything may fall out, your Tupperware cupboard is a nightmare, with possibly something dead in the corner of the top shelf. You have many socks, but none of them are in pairs. You have really just “had enough” of mess, being disorganised and all things lying around. You really would like to be somewhat more organised and in control.

Either way, whether you are young or old, messy or organised, a celebrity or flying under the radar, you are more than welcome to browse around, shop or contact me directly if I can help you out personally.

People often ask how I started my business.

The business concept came about while being stationary (once again) at the Bucchleugh interchange and while praying (once again) for a business idea — “storage solutions” sprung to mind and thus the concept was born.

I loved academics and studying and I couldn’t stop myself so I specialised in the financial field and qualified as a Chartered Financial Analyst, I’ve been in the corporate world for many years but had enough of travelling on the N1 highway between Pretoria and Jhb and the urge to become an entrepreneur was strong, I was ready to spread my wings, take that leap of faith and venture into the unknown.

I look back on an awesome journey, connecting with so many wonderful people, realising over and over again how wonderful the people of South Africa are, clients, agents, suppliers and manufacturers without fail proved to be the kindest and friendliest of them all and I do feel privileged to live in this amazing country, being an entrepreneur, dealing with the most amazing people in the world – just read the testimonials and you’ll see what I mean.

The quest is to deliver outstanding client service, combined with high quality, practical products at a very reasonable price to help you organise your space, life and time.

The products are a combination of locally produced and imported, some are manufactured specifically for me, for some I have sole distribution rights and others I just buy because I like them.

Keep that vision that one day you too perhaps, will love everything single thing in your house and know where everything belongs – aaaah.

I’m based in Pretoria, but courier (or post) to anywhere in the country.

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I look forward to hearing from you.